know’N’act: Real time customer insights for smarter, faster customer engagement

Burned by a bad online review? Need a more effective way to target offers and build customer relationships?

know'N'act is a real-time customer engagement platform that delivers 360 degrees of digital interaction. Going beyond traditional surveys and analytics, know'N'act includes powerful features that help you build and deepen customer relationships, increase revenue, and grow your brand. know'N'act lets you delight disappointed customers before type post online, all while delivering rich, engaging experiences that turn good customers into great ones.


Powerful, cloud-based service available everywhere


instant insight into customer experiences


Connect instantly with customers


Respond with make-it-right offers, coupons and more


Track your business and customer experiences


Ensure repeat, happy customers

How know’N’act works

So, how does it work? First, sign-up for a free know'N'act account. Then, tell us the engagement features you're most interested in and we'll set up a campaign to match. It's that easy.

Once your campaign is underway, you can track it using the know'N'act dashboard. The dashboard delivers a rich, detailed view of the health of your business as your customer sees it - right now, wherever the are.

For larger enterprises, know'N'act integrates with existing CRM systems or call centers for a seamless, company-wide customer engagement platform.

Get Started Now

It’s a fact. Happy customers spend more money and tell more people about your business. So, what are you waiting for? Start building better customer relationships today with know’N’act and watch your revenue rise.

To get started, follow these three simple steps:

  • Sign up for a know’N’act account.
  • Select the features you’d like us to incorporate into your campaign.
  • Roll out a pilot campaign.

Sign up now

With an easy-to-use interface, powerful reporting, and no long-term commitments, know’N’act makes it easy to get started today!

  • Restaurants

    Check, please! Use know’N’act to solicit and respond to guest feedback about your restaurant’s food, ambience, service, facilities, and more. know’N’act makes it easy to attach coupons or other offers to your responses. Your customers can even upload a photo with their feedback. With know’N’act, it’s easy to invite more customers to your social media channels.


    They’ll be back. Or will they? know’N’act makes it easy for guests to provide actionable feedback about thier stay before posting to TripAdvisor or another online review engine.You can use know’N’act to send a “welcome” or “thank you” gift to frequent guests or give them something valuable they can share with their friends. know’N’act can help you drive up your social media followers faster that ever before.


    Cha-ching! Successfull retailers are always on the lookout for new ways to engage customers at the point of sale. With know’N’act, you can leverage a customized landing page on a tablet or kiosk at the front of your store. Customers can share their experience in real-time, download coupons and offers, and send gifts to their friends. Increase revenue, drive up loyalty, and add to your bottom line with know’N’act!


    What business wouldn’t benefit from increased customer loyalty? From airlines to entertainment, field sales to financial services, know’N’act makes it possible to engage instantly with customers and build long-term meaningful relationships that fuel business growth.

    Call or click to learn how know’N’act can help your company today.

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