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Case studies

“The user interface is very elegant and simple, and the support is outstanding”

James Reinnoldt,
School of Business UW Bothell

“We are thrilled with what it has already done for our operations and ability to connect with our customers”

Scott Svenson,
Founder & CEO, MOD Pizza

“know’N’act gave us much more than just feedback though – the ability to connect immediately with customers”

Rameet Arora,
Marketing Head McDonald’s India

“know’N’act gave us opportunities to answer questions, drive leads and build a deeper relationship with our customers”

Dan Albaum,
Director of Marketing, Intermec (Honeywell)

“We’ve been able to compare the results across a few centers which for us at our HQ is valuable in determining where we need to improve and how”

Sachin Bajaj,
Head Network Development, Skoda India

know’N’act helps ASU provide smoother ride for studentsASU is arguably one of the largest universities in the US, if not the world. With a community of tens of thousands of students, faculty and staff spread over a sprawling campus, ASU is constantly challenged to…Read more

Arizona State University

know’N’act helps Compass Group gain insight on what mattersThe Compass Group, a global market leader in catering and support services, wanted to find an innovative way to drive customer feedback at points of consumption (i.e. cafeterias, dining halls, and so…Read more

Compass Group

know’N’act helps Intermec enhance customer interestsIntermec’s marketing team puts on several events yearly for customers and partners. As a progressive marketing team, Intermec was interested in understanding their attendees’ perceptions better, but also…Read more


know’N’act helps Mayuri engage customers and increase revenueMayuri is a well-known name for quality food and related services in the Redmond/Bellevue area in the Seattle suburbs. Mayuri needed an effective way in which to engage customers and gain insight into…Read more

Mayuri Restaurant and Bakery

know’N’act helps McDonald’s get real-time insight into customer issuesMcDonalds has a well-earned reputation for being one of the most recognized and beloved brands around the globe. This is built on a foundation of paying attention to their customers’ needs and addressing issues as soon as possible. In the fast evolving digital world however, issues can become big problems if left unaddressed even for a few hours, sped up with the help of social platforms such as Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and others…Read more


know’N’act helps Microsoft improve audience engagementThe Online Services Division (OSD) at Microsoft wanted to expedite the gathering of feedback to help it better understand how its presentations were being received. OSD turned to know’N’act to design…Read more


Know’N’act helps MOD Pizza create a deeper customer connectMOD Pizza is one of the more innovative and fast-growing pizza chains in the country. Headquartered in the Seattle area, MOD prides itself on its laser focus on customer satisfaction, how it allows customers to truly ‘build’ their own pizzas and the genuine loyalty its customers have for the brand and the product…Read more

MOD Pizza

know’N’act helps the Seattle Art Museum reach guests on deeper levelThe Seattle Art Museum (SAM) puts on a grand gala every fall called Diwali Ball which attracts hundreds of revelers every time. SAM wanted to gage perception of their guests and have a system that enabled…Read more


know’N’act helps TiE accurately choose their winnersTiE, A non-profit global network of entrepreneurs and professionals, fosters and nurtures startups and would-be entrepreneurs across the globe. Every month, the Seattle chapter organizes a networking…Read more


know’N’act helps UW Professor shape classes based on students Take a forward thinking professor at one of the leading public universities in the country, with a deep interest in knowing his students’ perception of his classes and the desire to continually improve…Read more

University of Washington

Large Online Retailer Facilities ManagementWhen a large online retailer based out of the Pacific Northwest wanted a system to monitor the various aspects of their facilities and respond to issues instantly they turned to know’N’act. With know’N’act, they gained the ability to empower all their employees to be voluntary, quasi-inspectors on the go. Armed with their ubiquitous smartphones, anyone who sees an issue or just wants to provide thoughts for improvement at the cafeterias, conference rooms, vending machines or shuttle buses, can provide feedback by scanning a QRC, NFC tag or entering a URL. The know’N’act system routes the alerts to the appropriate technicians for that particular item (whether vending machine, conference room or other), logs a trouble ticket into their Remedy system and provides instant visibility into status. With the Alert Escalation system in know’N’act, the facilities team can ensure that issues are addressed within a certain time period or the alert goes up the chain of management. With rich reporting, the team has a real-time dashboard to monitor the health of their entire infrastructure, correct issues and provide the means for employees to get issues heard and addressed fast.

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