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While airlines often ask for our feedback, they fail to provide an easy venue to deliver it. URLs in an inflight magazine don’t do the trick. An email three days after your flight leads to forgotten details. But what if you made it easy for your passengers to respond WHILE they are experiencing your service?

With know’N’act, from the time they check-in until they pick up their bags after the flight, they can provide feedback in real-time while also give you the opportunity to immediately respond to them. As incentive, you can offer promos such as 200 miles for their feedback or a chance to get entered in a sweepstakes for free flights. You could then announce the winner right at the end of the flight!

You can also use know’N’act to track performance across flights, airports, crew, timings, and so on.

If the feedback is positive:

• Invite them to join your FF program. You already have all their info based on their seat/ticket – just get their consent to add them to the program.
• Cross-sell or upsell other services/offers.

If the feedback is negative:

• Be in a position to have a gate agent talk to them on their way out and find out what went wrong and what you can do to address it. Can you imagine the unbelievably pleasant surprise for a customer to know the airline cared so much to reach out right then?
• Find out more information about what happened – and if appropriate, offer them coupons, free miles, and so on.


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