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Facilities Management

Facilities Management

If you’re responsible for facilities that include conference rooms, security, vending machines, transportation or similar, the know’N’act system can make it easier for you to identify and address issues or problems as they arise.

With know’N’act, every user with a smartphone becomes a quasi-inspector of your facilities and can trigger alerts on problems as they occur. With the additional ability to have alerts routed via text or email to the right technician to fix them and also get logged into your trouble ticketing system. Our escalation system ensures that there is full transparency and accountability for everyone involved. A simple scenario is described below.

Imagine a vending machine in your office building, or hotel or university. User tries to use the machine but either has trouble getting the right product, or gets money ‘eaten up’ or finds items out of stock. Sound familiar? Today, the user will typically give up in disgust and walk away. With know’N’act though, a simple sign inviting them to share feedback on the machine via their smartphone will trigger a text alert to the tech to come fix it immediately. The supervisor of the tech will know when the alerts was generated and can monitor how soon it gets addressed. Further, know’N’act will also lodge a ticket into your system that is used to monitor such incidents. Everything done without requiring a formal inspection, fully paperless, with a full trail of time, location and actions taken.

Other companies are already using this cost-effective system to get much greater visibility into their infrastructure in real-time. Improving operations and enhancing customer service along the way.

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