See how know’N’act can help companies in your industry change how you engage with your customers.


Hotels care immensely about customer service and feedback. Although many have hard-copy feedback forms, most guests never fill them out. With know’N’act, you can make it really easy for a guest to give feedback as they’re experiencing your service. The know’N’act system generates collateral with the right response triggers such as NFC tags, QR codes or short codes and prints them on easy-to-customize posters, cards, and other materials. All you need to do is provide incentive through a coupon or similar reward.

If the feedback is positive:

• Ask them to join your loyalty program (if you don’t have one, know’N’act helps you set one up in minutes). Because you already have much of their information, it’s easy for them to join.
• Enter them into a sweepstakes to win prizes/free nights and so on.
• Ask them to nominate staff for MVP of the month. This drives greater customer focus and accountability.

• Ask them to vote on other aspects – best restaurant, best menu item, and so on.
• Cross-sell and upsell other offerings from your hotels.

If the feedback is negative:

Your hotel manager can reach out in real-time and address your customer’s concerns. Imagine what that does to their perception of your customer focus!


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