How easy are you?

To elaborate, how easy do you make it for your customers to tell you exactly what they think about your product or service?

Businesses have attempted to capture insights from their customers’ experiences for decades with mixed results. The volume of engagement is typically a function of a couple of factors:

  1. Why should the customer care? i.e. “what’s in it for me?”
  2. How easy is it to engage? Do you adequately tell them what you want them to do and do you make the process the lowest friction possible?

The first is a function of what the business is willing to offer in return. From an intangible “service guarantee” to a more tangible reward such as what is available via sweepstakes and similar.

The second needs closer scrutiny, particularly now when personal smart devices have made access to social media so much easier. At know’N’act we believe that it’s good to cast a wide net and provide multiple ways for your customers to engage. This ranges from customers’ own devices – whether on a mobile website or via a native app on the phone, to the option of providing a dedicated tablet like device that customers can use with less effort.

We also recommend that you use that digital real estate to offer other features that are relevant and interesting to that customer. Maybe your menu, or sign up for your loyalty program, or perhaps an easy way to send a gift to their friend?

Lots of possibilities…get in touch if we can help you explore what we can do for your business.

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