How to be anti-social

Every restaurateur or retailer we talk with tells us how much they hate Yelp! Hoteliers aren’t particularly fond of TripAdvisor either and businesses in general are still struggling to deal with the consequences of ubiquity, universal publishing capability and viral natures of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others.  Businesses big and small complain about being dis-intermediated from their customers by these social networks where customers are reaching out to the networks first to post their grouses and the business is relegated to working in damage control mode.

There IS a better way. Where the business can establish and maintain a direct line of communication with their customers. Where unhappy customers are identified and their issues addressed BEFORE they consider going up to social media to vent. Customers in general are decent folks – they don’t want to go to social media to ruin your business. What they do want to do is to have their voice heard and addressed respectfully by the establishment.

This is where know’N’act helps – by providing the customer the opportunity to share in real-time as things happen. And empowering the business to respond instantly and in a relevant manner.

But there’s more – know’N’act also allows the business to identify which customers are likely to post positive reviews and direct them specifically to the social media channels. Effectively driving up your positive reviews and stopping the negatives from getting into the social media sphere.

Simple, but effective.  You can make Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor your friends finally!

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