I’m no Steve Jobs…and you shouldn’t try to be one either.

Not a blinding moment of self-awareness, but a recognition of what most of us are capable of and what separates us from one of the true visionaries of our times – aka Steve Jobs.

I’m referring specifically to Steve’s legendary ability to predict or intuit what customers would like. I’d go one step farther – I’d say that Steve was one of the few people who could actually shape and sway the opinion and likes of hundreds of millions of consumers around the globe. No easy feat at a time when tastes are unpredictable and notoriously fickle.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, we’re not quite gifted with the same ability and will do well to do things the traditional way – i.e. listen really closely to our customers and design/morph our products based on what they tell us. This is exactly how we are building our product at know’N’act and enabling our customers to do the same in turn.

Our customers told us early on that just feedback was not enough, so we added the ability to act on the feedback.

Our customers said they wanted to make it easier for people to share feedback so we introduced massive flexibility in our product on the front end. From URLs, QR codes, NFC, Short codes/text to our most recent initiative – dedicated tablets.

Our customers asked us to help drive more revenue and we introduced features such as couponing, personalized gifts and more.

Our customers wanted to leverage social media to amplify their happy customers and we implemented deep integration with Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor and Yelp.

No – we’re not gifted like Steve Jobs, but we do know how to listen and we do that really well. And build amazing products that our customers ask for, and then thank us for!

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