See how know’N’act can help companies in your industry change how you engage with your customers.


Footfalls don’t always translate into revenue, a challenge that retailers want to address. Without insight into the customer experience onsite, it’s challenging for you to intelligently know how to engage with your customers while they’re in store. know’N’act can change that quickly and easily. Use know’N’act to build closer connections with your customers at point of sale. Forget about asking them to go home and fill out an online survey. With know’N’act, you incentivize your customer to share their experience in real-time which informs your immediate response to them.

If they give you a positive response you can:

• Ask them to join your loyalty club (know’N’act helps you set one up in minutes)
• Offer cross-sell or upsell opportunities in your store
• Use their device ID to log into your CRM system (even if they don’t provide email and PII) enabling you to follow them over time and locations. You can also find out the next time they scan an item in one of your stores. You’ll know who they are and potentially what they bought as well
• Give them an incentive (i.e. a coupon) to redeem with their current purchase. That way, you can track their purchase history against their unique PII or just their device ID

If the feedback is negative you can:

• Trigger a real-time alert via text or email to your store manager to connect with the aggrieved customer in person, turning a bad experience into a huge positive
• Auto-generate a coupon as an immediate appeasement
• Ask them for more information including email, name, and phone – for an incentive. With this information, you can log them into your CRM system. You can then trigger an email that addresses the concern and leads to a coupon or similar response

You can also use this feedback to:

• Track employee performance and incent better customer service
• Track store performance by individual, by store, by manager, by geography/region



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