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When is customer feedback enough?

Well, truth be told, almost all the time.

While this might seem heretical, coming from someone who runs a customer engagement system company, let me explain.

Most popular systems out there that organizations are using today to capture customer feedback do a good job of collecting customer feedback through different mechanisms. They also do a fair job of analyzing that feedback to provide insights that are useful in the aggregate and as a trailing indicator of how your operation is doing. They can even provide useful abilities to address specific issues at a location perhaps, which can contribute to better customer satisfaction. Again, in the aggregate.

However, this is SO twentieth century in our opinion. With the ubiquity of intelligent devices, is there any reason you shouldn’t:

  • Capture feedback and identify issues at the individual level
  • Be able to address issues at the micro level – in real time, by location, by specific customer?
  • Capitalize on what you just learnt about that customer and engage with that customer right there and then to promote your brand value, increase loyalty and revenue?


Bottomline – every individual piece of feedback from a customer or partner is an opportunity for deeper engagement, in the moment, with full context and no latency. This is where you can leverage the power of the cloud, mobility and location-awareness to truly differentiate how your business engages with your customers.

And of course, this is precisely the need that know’N’act is built to serve, from the ground up.

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