The ‘non-feedback’ feedback.

We work with a lot of very progressive and customer oriented companies from around the world including powerhouses such as Microsoft, Amazon, McDonalds, Volkswagen and several others. They are universally focused on understanding their customers’ experiences and use several methods to capture that insight.

A common challenge they face is enticing their customers to actually take the 30 secs or 5 mins to share feedback. Several methods can help improve this process including incentives, better awareness and the right context. However, a good majority of customers simply can’t be bothered to participate in a ‘survey’. What’s the marketer to do?

The very flexible and powerful know’N’act ‘non-feedback’ system of collecting feedback is often the answer to increasing participation rates significantly amongst end customers. It’s simple – do NOT start by asking customers to share feedback, whatever the incentive. Instead, engage customers in something that they actually find interesting – e.g. a trivia game that is contextual, or a poll that is interesting, or other gamification ideas that are relevant, appealing and can have a ‘community’ aspect to them. E.g. vote for your favorite team in today’s game and see how others voted instantly.

As part of this ‘gamified’ experience, the know’N’act system allows you to slip in a question or two that can help gage how your audience feels about your product or service. Allowing the rules-based know’N’act system to take over from there and help close the loop with the customer, responding appropriately based on their inputs.

Try it – we guarantee a significant increase in response rates and a happier set of customers!

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