customer engagement
Know - Real-time, location based customer insights
Act - Smarter, instant customer engagement

Every interaction you have with your customers presents you with an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them. Getting real-time insight into the quality of customer interactions can provide a big first step. Adding the ability to immediately connect with customers and address their experiences, good or bad, gives you a uniquely powerful customer engagement platform to help you grow your business.

know’N’act enables you to tell exactly when, where, and why a customer is having a good or bad experience and respond to the situation in real-time. Using only a customer’s smartphone, well-placed signage with NFC tags, QR codes, short codes or tiny URLs, you can easily drive your customers to tell you just what they think and respond instantly.

So how does know’N’act work?

know’N’act is a cloud-based service that uses our proprietary InstantInsight system to gather real-time, location-based, and contextual feedback from your audience. With know’N’act, we help you create a targeted campaign, generate the right response triggers such as NFC tags, QR codes or short codes, incorporate them into your signage, review real-time reports and take appropriate action to engage your customers immediately. Our easy-to-use, wizard-driven guides and templates help you quickly stream through the entire process.

To start using know’N’act, all you have to do is follow these three simple steps:

  • Sign up for our service
  • Create a campaign using our campaign wizard
  • Post the signage (with NFC tags, QR codes, short codes) at strategic locations

All your customers need is a smartphone and either a NFC or QR code reader or the ability to type an address into their browser. We take care of the rest.

In addition to customer feedback, know’N’act also enables you to actively and fruitfully engage with your customers through instant coupons, offers to join your club, and more — whatever is most impactful for your business. Our mobile campaign manager helps you create the right offers for your customers so you can build long-term and meaningful relationships that drive your business growth!

Got your own CRM system or Call Center? No problem. know’N’act will integrate with your existing system, enabling you to create a seamless enterprise wide customer engagement platform.

  • Retail

    Use know’N’act to build closer connections with your customers at point of sale. With know’N’act, you incentivize your customer to scan a QR code and share their experience in real-time.

  • Restaurants

    Use know’N’act to get feedback from customers on how they liked the food, ambience, service, facilities, and so on. You can also give them an opportunity to show and tell - upload a picture with their feedback.

  • Airlines

    While airlines often ask for our feedback, they fail to provide an easy venue to deliver it. URLs in an inflight magazine don’t do the trick. An email three days after your flight leads to forgotten details.

  • Universities

    Use know’N’act to get feedback from students and staff on classes, professors, facilities, food, and more! You can also give them an opportunity to show and tell - upload a picture with their feedback.

  • Banks

    In the Banking industry, customer loyalty is king. That’s why you need to offer services that build relationships and trust. With know’N’act, you can do all this.

  • Hotels

    Hotels care immensely about customer service and feedback. Although many have hard-copy feedback forms, most guests never fill them out. With know’N’act, you can make it really easy.

  • Facilities Management

    If you're selling packaged products whether durable, white goods, consumer electronics or similar, you will want to know your customers' perception right from the time they first see your product at retail.

  • Events & Conferences

    Every event or conference we go to tries to get audience feedback during or after the event. Typically these are done using paper forms, or links sent via emails after the event.

  • Entertainment & Sporting venues

    Whether you’re at a sporting event or watching a rock show, there is a rich opportunity to engage your audience on their smart devices. The know’N’act system gives you the power to learn from your audiences.

  • Field Sales & Service

    If you run a field sales or service organization, you know that your staff has the ability to make a big difference to your brand’s perception every time they meet a customer on any given day.

  • Hospitals & Clinics

    Use know'N'act to change how you engage with your patients, for the better!

Just some of the organizations using know'N'act