See how know’N’act can help companies in your industry change how you engage with your customers.


In the Banking industry, customer loyalty is king. That’s why you need to offer services that build relationships and trust. For example, what if you could sit at your desk in Corporate HQ and see a heat map of all your bank branches and gage performance by individual branch? What if you could see which branches are doing well and which are not? What if you could call the manager of a poorly performing branch as issues arise and address them immediately? With know’N’act, you can do all this and more.

know’N’act utilizes easy-to-use instructions with QR codes, short codes or URLs, incentivizing your clients to provide feedback, which you can use to drive immediate action, generate leads, and create stronger client relationships.

If the feedback is positive:

• Reward your staff, team, and branches that are making their customers most happy.
• Compare branches, teams, and geographies to drive a culture of greater customer focus.
• Upsell or cross-sell new services to the client.

If the feedback is negative:

• Call the branch immediately and address the issue.
• Call the client before they get into their car and get more details. If appropriate, find a way to address the issue and convert a negative experience into a hugely positive one to show them that their bank really cares!


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