Boy, this is fun!

It’s almost eight years ago that I started my first company Nayamode as a freshly minted entrepreneur. I remember the roller coaster ride of the first few years, with fears of annihilation alternating with the euphoria of success, however fleeting it may have been. The near chronic adrenaline rush that becomes a part of your existence, and allows you to work under hitherto unimagined conditions. All for the promise of building something new, of creation and seeing something real come to life.

Not that it got boring or anything J but last year I decided to do it all over again. My new venture know’N’actis now born and is alive and kicking. This time, the motivation is a bit more ambitious. I want to change the world.

Yup – that old cliché. The beauty of technology and its ubiquity today, combined with the ease of development and deployment on the cloud enables even relative lightweights to have lofty aspirations.

Know’N’act is designed to change the way organizations can gather real-time, location-based customer feedback with the tools to respond to customers immediately with a rich suite of options. The idea was incubated from the success of several projects that we delivered within Nayamode for customers such as Microsoft, The Compass Group, TiE, Metavana and others. Engagements that have completely changed how these organizations got feedback from their customers – and their ability to respond to the feedback in real-time.

We’re working with several customers across verticals including food service, retail, hospitality, transportation, universities and others and hope to share those stories with you soon.

Stay tuned – this is going to be fun!

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