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Entertainment & Sporting venues

Whether you’re at a sporting event or watching a rock show, there is a rich opportunity to engage your audience on their smart devices. The know’N’act system gives you the power to learn from your audiences just what they like or don’t like about everything from the event itself, the food, the seating, the facilities and so on. And depending on their feedback, you have the ability to respond to issues faster than ever before.

Further, the gamification options included with the know’N’act system give you the ability to engage your audience in an interesting fashion that can lead to greater revenue per customer and higher loyalty. Imagine what you could do if at your next show, you could give your audience:

• The ability to ‘vote’ on the play of the game in real-time
• Vote a thumbs up or down to every opening act
• Vote for their MVP of the game or the show
• The option to quickly sign up for sweepstakes and announce the winner at any time
• The ability to order your merchandise either online or at the venue

• The power to place orders for concessions and have them be brought to their seat
• Coupons to upsell or cross-sell various products at the venue
• Once they’re online on your mobile site, audience can see replays of specific plays, or get statistics on performers or athletes. We can connect with your existing system for this or create one from scratch for you.

The possibilities are endless. The know’N’act system is powerful, flexible and easy to use and can have you operational quickly.

Entertainment & Sporting venues

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