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Events & Conferences

Every event or conference we go to tries to get audience feedback during or after the event. Typically these are done using paper forms, or links sent via emails after the event. The response rates are often low as a result, since the above suffer from latency and are typically not easy to use.

know’N’act provides several features that are tailor-made for events and conferences. Using our InstantInsight system, you can now get feedback:

• Minute by minute for every keynote. Allowing you to know granularly what went well or not
• Right as every session ends. Allowing you to adjust the agenda for later sessions if needed

• From every booth or display with the ability to track traffic, most and least popular and so on

Combined with the rest of the know’N’act system, this will enable you to also reach out to attendees in real-time as issues arise. Further, with gamification options made available through know’N’act, you will also be able to engage your attendees in a richer manner, building a longer term relationship with them.

Events & Conferences

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