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Field Sales & Service

If you run a field sales or service organization, you know that your staff has the ability to make a big difference to your brand’s perception every time they meet a customer on any given day. Whether they are making a sales call or meeting a customer in connection with a repair or service appointment, their behavior, attitude and performance can determine whether the customer ends up with greater or less loyalty to your brand.

The challenge though is that we have had no good way of gathering the feedback from customers reliably, in real-time and with context. Or the ability to actually respond to customer input when it does come in. We’re used to field service staff pointing us to a URL and suggesting we give feedback at our leisure. Few people take up that offer.

With know’N’act though, you can make it easy for customers to give feedback in real-time, with location and context details. And the power to address that feedback as soon as you get it. Imagine these scenarios if after every call, the customer is asked to respond by scanning a QR code on the spot.

• If the feedback is poor, your call center can reach them immediately and get more details
• Depending on the value of the customer/account, you may choose to provide immediate redressal
• The feedback can be used to track employee/staff performance as rated by customers
• Positive feedback can be an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell the customer with other products or services
• HQ can look at a central heatmap and know at any time which trucks are facing/causing customer dissatisfaction and which ones to respond to immediately

Field Sales & Service

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