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Hospitals & Clinics

Use know’N’act to change how you engage with your patients, for the better!.

In today’s hyper-connected world with information available at everyone’s fingertips, it’s important for the medical profession to understand how they are perceived by their patients and how that perception is spread across the internet. However, getting that feedback from patients is typically hard for several reasons including lack of motivation, lack of ease of providing the information, concerns about privacy and others.

know’N’act changes that, making it easy for you to collect real-time, location-based feedback from your patients and gives you the power to respond to that feedback immediately. Know’N’act is cloud-based, easy to use and deploy, does not touch your IT infrastructure at all and can start delivering real insights in just the first day.

With know’N’act, you’ll be able to determine:

• How your staff are performing
• How different staff members compare with one another
• What your patients’ chief grouses may be, though they may never vocalize those to you in person
• And be able to intervene in real-time if a ‘poor’ patient experience is happening

Hospitals & Clinics

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